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Welcome to abc Medinc customer comms, empowering customers and medical businesses to focus on common goals. Outstanding healthcare through exceptional customer service and top-notch direct patient-care providers such as Surgery LIFE Enhancement, customer commons for self-improvements are the leading reasons men and women alike seek surgical and non-surgical enhancement solutions. Leading the customer comms' interests include privacy of medical records, compliance of healthcare providers, and regulatory oversights of medical and surgical centers.

Personal data should be a priority of not only customers of businesses, but also patients involved in a medical situation, E.G., patients who are checked into a hospital, or surgical center. Much of a patient's health history is stored in some form or another as data. This medical data is protected and considered confidential, however, regulations may not fully protect a patient's confidentiality. This article, Confidentiality and Privacy of Personal Data, explains that "earlier chapters introduced the Institute of Medicine (IOM) committee's conceptualization of health database organizations (HDOs), outlined their presumed benefits, listed potential users and uses, and examined issues related to the disclosure of descriptive and evaluative data on health care providers (institutions, agencies, practitioners, and similar entities)."

Historical Perspectives about Disclosure of Health Information

Patients that sign into a hospital's consent system, expose their personal health data throught that hospital's healthcare network. Patients expect their personal health information to only be collected for the express purposes of treating their chief complaint(s) disease or illness processes. This is a prime undertaking of most healthcare providers–to provide safe, state-of-the-art, and personalized (patient/customer) based health and medical services.

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Surgery LIFE Enhancement Penis Enlargement

SLE Penis Enlargement, formerly Phallocare Male Enhancement, was founded in 1996 by the creator of Phallocare, Dan Salas. Dan Salas is a world-renowned expert in the surgical and non-surgical penile enlargement techniques and offers direct services to men, far beyond their surgery or procedure. SLE together with Phallocare has been featured on the BBC, Primer Impacto, and thye Playboy channel. The OC Weekly magazine released an editorial article highlighting Dan Salas in the early 2000's called, Traumatized Penis, a play of words based off Dan hanging a boat anchor (15Lbs) from his penis in a personal gym.

SLE Services Provided

SLE medical tourism is located in Tijuana, Baja California approximately 15 to 20 minutes from the San Diego Airport or downtown San Diego. Surgical and non-surgical procedures are performed in a state-of-the-art medical facility utilizing current technologies. SLE encourages men to arrive early to prepare for their procedures. Procedure preparations include showering with Hibiclens soap, grooming the pubic region, and fasting for anaesthesia. SLE recommends that men stay in the Tijuana area overnight to participate in a post-procedure visit with their physician the day after the surgery, or non-surgical procedure.
Surgical Penile Enlargements
Surgical Penile Grafting for Girth and Penile Lengthening Surgery for Extension: Surgery Life Enhancement Penis Enlargement Surgery
Non-surgical Penile Enhancements
Non-surgical PMMA Permanent Penile Enlargement Injections: PMMA Penis Enlargement Injections Performed by Surgery Life Enhancement

Hamadha Company Spotlight

Hamadha has created many value based programs that have enhanced customer communities ability to communicate and share health-based information, specifically, utilities for medical companies in which create and store health data for patients and doctors. Hamadha advancements include a state-of-the-art security patch related to keeping files and data safe within professional healthcare provider settings. Hamadha has provided valuable input about health disclosures and keeping patient's records safe utilizing technology related to photo galleries that restrict access only to authenticated users, allowing patients to share detailed images depicting their health status with their doctors and physicians.

Creative commons greatly enhances the abilities of companies, such as, hamadha to succeed in today's medical and health environment. Technology and communication are key to forming a successful company protocols which exceed expectations of regulatory agencies, such as the FDA, and follows all security and privacy rules set forth by HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, set forth by United States legislation to protect patients private medical data and information.

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