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Penuma Penis Enlargement Implant
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Penile enlargement surgery is described as any phalloplasty procedure intended to increase the over-all length or girth of the phallus. For penile length, the suspensory ligament is surgically severed. Men wanting to add girth to their penile circumference have a few options, such as, enlargement injections, or implants. As reported by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, penile enlargement surgeries involving subcutaneous fat and/or silicone injections, or the surgical placement of fat and/or silicone implants subcutaneously for male enhancement purposes often leads to serious genital complications when performed outside of a medical setting. Thus, penile enlargement surgeries should only be performed by a well-qualified, board certified physician, or surgeon. Recently, penile implants for added length and girth have gained commercial clearance under the regulatory restrictions set forth by the Food and Drug Administration. The Penuma is a solid silicone block cleared by the FDA 510(k) regulation for cosmetic enhancement.

Penuma Implant For Men

The Penuma® is available in several U.S. cities and costs upwards of $15,000 out-of-pocket according to Healthline. The silicone implant has been examined in many medical studies, such as, the International Society for Sexual Medicine's study, "A Single-Surgeon Retrospective and Preliminary Evaluation of the Safety and Effectiveness of the Penuma Silicone Sleeve Implant for Elective Cosmetic Correction of the Flaccid Penis," which documents 526 patients that underwent the elective cosmetic penile surgery using a silicone sleeve penile implant between 2009 and 2014.

Since the original Penuma® was released over a decade ago, many advancements have been made to the soft silicone implant and thousands of penis enlargement surgeries have been performed utilizing the Penuma implant. The Penuma has been featured on GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Men's Health Sites, as well as, many credible scientific and medical sites. There are several penile enlargement videos on YouTube about the Penuma and other male enlargement methods. In 2019, the silicone implant was discussed on the popular video podcast: The Joe Rogan Experience—With nearly a half-million views on the subject of the "Penuma" and "Dick Enlargement Operations."

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast Video About The Penuma Implant
Joe Rogan goes on to clarify that the Penuma penis enlargement operation is available in the United States; not in Europe. Joe Rogan and his guest, Ian Edwards, go on to discuss men's health & body issues such as, "[being] made fun of for having a little dick" by women and how this is, too often, is commonplace in today's society. This has been discussed extensively for years by medical societies, such as, the Kinsey Institute and Oxygen Network's Talk Sex with Sue Johnson. The subject of the importance of penile size has been debated by many health & medical scholars without any clear answers! One thing is for certain, men are probably concerned for no real-reason, as the average penis size is just 3.75 inches when flaccid and 5in to 7in when erect according to the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS).

Does Penis Size Matter?

If it matters to you, then yes, size matters—but this is a very sensitive and personal matter! Relationships can be complicated, and at times, penis size may play a role or factor in the overall health of a relationship. Size may be important to one partner and a non-existent factor to another's perception of what penile size means to the relationship. Although many experts agree, communication about such size issues are vital to maintaining a healthy self-esteem and self-perception of one's phallus. This may be a personal issue for most men, however, there are many publications available that address penile size perceptions, societal importance of penis sizes and helpful resources about body dysmorphic disorders including the penis.

Male Enhancement Surgery: Other Options

Penile Enlargement Surgery by Surgery LIFE Enhancement
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For many men, penis enlargement surgery is unapproachable due to the rising costs of plastic surgeries addressing male enlargement. Particularly, the rising costs of surgical enlargement. Due to this fact, non-surgical dermal fillers, typically utilized in other parts of the body, such as the face and lips, have gained acceptance among many leading doctors and plastic surgeons who perform penoplasty procedures. Olip Hand Productions discovered many of these augmentation procedures are available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and abroad. Naturally, the injection procedures are safer than surgical enlargement interventions and patient's results range from permanent to semi permanent depending on the dermal filler implanted via injection.

According to Surgery LIFE Enhancement, non-surgical male enhancement procedures, such as, permanent PMMA injections, are increasingly becoming more popular than traditional penile enlargement surgery which requires a laser or scalpel to cut through the superficial layers of dermis to place an implant subcutaneously. "[Injections] greatly decreased risks ramified by contemporary surgical male enlargement operations". Some men have opted for a combination of male enhancement procedures, such as, penile lengthening surgery in sequence with a girth enhancement operation, or non-surgical girth procedure. However, combining a surgical and non-surgical procedure negates the safety factors involved in a strictly non-surgical penile enlargement treatment—abc Medinc: Penile Enlargement Surgery indepth report by oliphandproductions ✋⚕️.


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